Wood Replacement and Siding Installation

Invest in the Best for Your Home. Get Siding or Wood Replacement Services in Indianapolis, IN.

The appearance of your home is important, and warped siding or decks can really deter from your home’s curb appeal. Mister Painter offers wood replacement services to restore the appearance of your home’s exterior. We’ll come to your home and assess the damaged area, offering long-lasting solutions that match your home seamlessly.

Fix Rotten Trim Boards

It happens to the best of us. Our houses can develop issues. Rotten trim boards, rotten window trim, rotten door trim, rotten soffits, and rotten gutter boards are just a few of the blemishes that can form on your home. The first difference between us and other contractors is that we prime all four sides of any board that we install. The reason that wood is rotten in the first place is water intrusion. Priming all sides of the board make sure that water cannot get into the board…and rot the new board. We do not want to make the same mistake twice.