There is a Lot More to Commercial Painting Than You Think
Friday, January 25, 2019

If you own or manage commercial property, then you have some idea about the level of maintenance required for keeping a property in good shape. Plenty of work is required but, at the same time, it is necessary to control costs. It’s not just the appearance that matters. Improving the property’s productivity and functionality is important as well. Any renovation must be done with minimum disturbance to your tenants and business.

Here is what good commercial painters will offer when they work on your commercial building:


Your property must definitely look attractive and inviting for visitors. With a shiny and well-maintained facade, you can remain confident and create a great first impression in visitor’s eyes. Experienced commercial painters will tell you about the color combinations that work in your industry. You can use colors to create a particular mood. For example, tranquil blue work for spas, delicious red and yellow help in stimulating appetite in a fast food restaurant and bright yellow imbue energy in a factory.

Paint Types

Your contractor should use top quality paint for hard-wearing jobs that last long in addition to looking good. A well-done commercial paint job will last up to five years in an intensive environment. The painter will know the best paints for high traffic areas. They can advise you on the most suitable products for different materials like metals, concrete, walls and wood. He will also know where to apply sealants to weather-proof your property against heavy rains and storms. Good painters know about the best paints that resist mold and have no VOCs. These features are critical for the health of your tenants.


Proper preparation is the starting point of all commercial paint jobs. Commercial painters will thoroughly cleanup surfaces to be painted and pressure wash the exterior. They will remedy existing problems like concrete spalling, substrate damage, rust, graffiti, mold, water damage, peeling and chipping paint. There are other jobs that the painter must do. These include reworking the acoustical ceilings, patching up gouges, dents, cracks, nail holes and drywall repair.

Great Customer Service

A good commercial painter will plan the paint job in such a way that it’s not intrusive and creates minimum disruption to your tenants and business. They will typically offer to do jobs during the off-hours so that there is no interruption. He will place signs where necessary and take safety measures to protect tenants and your property.

Competitive Pricing and Quality Control

You can keep your budgets under control by choosing good painters who offer the most competitive rates and the best quality work. They will advise you on the suggested time frame, colors, materials, and provide other detailed specifications concerning the paint project in addition to the dollar cost. The manager will take frequent inspection tours to ensure top quality work and will communicate the progress of the renovation work which you can report to your boss or investor. They will give a written guarantee of both labor and material.

Contact us today to get a free consultation and estimate on paint jobs for your commercial property.

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