4 Ways to Know Your Home Requires a Paint Job
Thursday, February 22, 2018

Anything that has ever been created by man or nature has the need to undergo maintenance regularly. Your house paint is no exception. There are people, however, who like to delay the inevitable for as long as eternity due to a variety of reasons. There are others who just don’t know when is the right time to get that house paint sorted out. Well, for both these kinds of people, we compiled a list of things that are hard to miss and once you see them, you know for sure that your house requires a paint job.

1. 5-year rule

This is the first and foremost determinant. Experts say that the general rule of thumb for house paint is that you get it done every five years. There might be a possibility that your paint has lasted quite well for the five years of its life but once it is there, it is recommended that you get it redone because sooner or later it is going to fall apart and it might end up costing you a lot more.

2. Fading paint

Elements of the weather like constant sunlight, rain, strong winds and the like can have detrimental effects on the paint of the exterior of your commercial or residential building. The clearest indication is usually the paint fading away. The coat starts to lose the original shade that it had and it is then that you should realize that the walls require a new coat. Faded colors can also be attributed to using substandard quality paints but whatever the reason might be, a faded paint work in clearly noticeable and asks for instant remedial measures.

3. Gaps and shrinks

Heat and cold cause expansion and contraction of all materials including your house walls and painted surfaces. Since paints are a coat applied to the exterior, they start to give away once the material under them expands or contracts. This gives rise to gaps and shrinks and you have a reason to get the surface painted again because these cracks are quite visible and spoil the appearance of the place substantially.

4. Peeling paint

After a certain amount of time, the paint itself starts to peel off. The time taken for this could vary depending on a number of factors like the way you treated the painted surface or the quality of paints that were used and even more importantly, how well the surface was painted. Having a poorly painted surface or exposing it to bumps and knocks can cause paint to last much shorter than its average span.

Besides the characteristics mentioned above, cracking stucco and off colors are also signs that your residence or commercial space is asking you to get it painted at the earliest. Ignoring those calls is only going to do you more harm than good.

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