Surprises Are Nice—Except When it Comes to Painting Your House
Friday, April 15, 2016

Who doesn’t love a surprise, especially when it involves something in gift wrap, concert tickets, or fancy dessert? But surprises are rarely nice when they happen during renovations or when you’re having your house painted.

One unfortunately common and unpleasant surprise homeowners have to contend with when having their house painted is color. Sometimes a color can be very appealing in small amounts, but overwhelming in large swaths. If you love a particularly bold or brilliant color, work with your painting crew or designer to find a place for it that will enhance rather than overwhelm. This can be on trim, doors, or other architectural detailing that benefit from a little extra pop of color.

Color can also be the source of an unpleasant surprise when homeowners don’t carefully consider surrounding elements that can’t change: the color of the roof, the landscape, or the driveway. Do the colors you’ve chosen for your exterior work with the surroundings of your home? Will you like the color when it’s shaded and when it’s in full sun? Will you still like the color when the trees in your yard have changed from greens to oranges?

Consider the size of your home when choosing an exterior color. Light colors tend to make a house look larger, while darker colors have the opposite effect.

Another thing that can lead to unpleasant surprises is thinking that paint will hide areas of your home that really need to be repaired. In fact, a fresh coat of paint will often lead to drawing attention to areas of a home that need the help of a repairman!

Finally, don’t spend all this time deciding on the perfect color only to be disappointed by the quality of the work. Make sure you choose a reputable painting crew; talk to references; and ask to see samples of their work before you sign anything.

If you’re planning to paint your house this year give us a call. We’re experts in the industry and ready to help you find the perfect color combination for your home.

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